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Blinckstar Jewelry

Handmade jewelry that is feminine, stylish, cute, fun, basic and yet original. Wear them alone or stacked.

Blinckstar jewelry is made from materials from all over the world, such as semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl, shell, freshwater pearls, glass, wood, ceramics and all kinds of other interesting, special and beautiful raw materials. Our metal parts are Gold Filled or Sterling Silver 925.

All our materials are nickel free.

Gold Filled has, as it were, 100 times more gold than Gold Plated material and therefore lasts almost your entire life! The base metal and gold are attached to each other by heat and pressure.

All jewelry is made by hand in the Netherlands and inspired by events from the life of the designer and goldsmith Paulien Nooter.  

* Please note that we do not offer returns or exchanges on jewelry items. Jewelry sales are final.