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Callalu Bloom Organic Rose Hydrosol


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Elevate your skincare routine with Bloom Organic Rose Hydrosol, a luxurious hydrating mist crafted from the finest organic roses sourced from the heart of Bulgaria. This exquisite essence captures the floral beauty and therapeutic properties of roses, delivering a refreshing burst of hydration that revitalizes your skin and awakens your senses.

60 ml / 2 fl. oz. 

Key Benefits:

Deep Hydration: Instantly quenches thirsty skin, leaving it plump, dewy, and radiant.

Soothing & Calming: Reduces redness and irritation, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Antioxidant-Rich: Protects against environmental stressors, helping to maintain a youthful glow.

• Balancing: Helps to regulate oil production, keeping your complexion clear and balanced.

• Aromatherapy: The delicate, natural scent of roses provides a soothing, uplifting experience for your mind and body.

The Power of Organic Rose Hydrosol:

• Anti-Inflammatory: Rose hydrosol is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal choice for calming irritated or inflamed skin.

• Astringent: Helps to tighten pores and refine skin texture, giving you a smoother, more even complexion.

• Hydrating: Its natural humectant properties draw moisture into the skin, ensuring long-lasting hydration.

• Antibacterial: Keeps your skin clean and clear by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, which can cause acne and other skin issues.

Pure and Potent: Each drop of Bloom Organic Rose Hydrosol maintains the essence of the rose plant, ensuring you receive the purest form of rose water. This unparalleled purity preserves the potent benefits of the roses, delivering unmatched quality and efficacy.

How to Use:

• As a Toner: Apply after cleansing to prep your skin for serum, moisturizer and facial oil.

• As a Setting Spray: Mist over makeup to set and give the skin a dewy look. Repeat throughout the day whenever your skin needs a pick-me up.

• Hydration Boost: Add a spritz or two in the palm of your hand and mix with your facial elixir or oil to boost hydration and increase efficacy. 

Ingredients: Rosa Damascena (Rose) Distillate Water*, Populus Tremuloides (Aspen) Bark Extract. *Organic