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Miyu De-stress Beauty Tea



A fresh and earthy blend to calm from within.

Stress causes the release of pro-inflammatory stress hormones which can make the skin more aggravated and reactive. The best way to combat stress-related skin issues is to 1) use skincare targeted for stress and 2) incorporate a few stress management techniques into your daily schedule.

A fresh and earthy premium loose leaf tea blend of peppermint, liquorice and chamomile blossoms, for soothing caffeine-free detoxification.

Housed in an exquisite, gift-worth collectible tin for maximum freshness.

You’ll love it if: you multi-task from dawn till dusk, are strained from pressing timelines or are just naturally type A.

What it does:

Chinese liquorice and chamomile blossoms calm inflammation and redness (caused by stress) and soothe from within.

Peppermint instantly uplifts the senses and releases the mind from moments of tension.

Premium loose leaf tea, 75g

ENJOY IT HOT: Boil 8 oz of filtered water, then let it cool to 93°C or 200°F. Add 1-2 teaspoons of de-stress mi beauty tea and steep for 5-7 minutes. For serene complexions, enjoy a cup of de-stress mi beauty tea daily.

ENJOY IT ICED: Boil 6 oz of filtered water, then let it cool to 93°C or 200°F. Add 1-2 tablespoons of de-stress mi beauty tea and steep for 10-12 minutes. To sweeten, add in 1 tsp of honey or agave. Stir until the honey/agave is completely dissolved, then top with 8 oz of ice. Stir & enjoy!


• peppermint: refreshes the mind and naturally delivers vitamins A and C to combat the effects of inflammation

• Chinese liquorice root: its natural anti-irritant and anti- inflammatory properties to help calm stressed complexions, while offering a natural sweet flavor to the tea

• chamomile blossoms: soothe and heal from within  

*Contains liquorice: Not recommended for people suffering from hypertension or women who are pregnant / nursing.

Lifestyle Tips:

UNWIND WITH FRIENDS! One of the best cures for stress is laughter. Try scheduling regular meet ups with friends to laugh, unwind and enjoy a calming cup of de-stress mi beauty tea.

GET A FACIAL! Instantly melt stress away with a relaxing facial from a trained therapist. Treat yourself to one on a regular basis and watch those stress lines disappear.